Perhaps some of the following rings a bell:

Every day you find yourself chronically weighed down by feelings of anxiety, frustration, and dejection. You try to focus on your work and your relationships, but the same distressing thoughts and feelings keep coming back up and pulling you into your own head, exhausting you and making it hard to stay on top of everything.

People may notice you’re struggling but it doesn’t feel like there’s anyone you can talk to who is really going to get it and be able to help. You worry that without intervention you will always have these same struggles. You have some skepticism about whether therapy can really help, but feel out of other options and that you can’t keep living like this.

It’s possible to feel better.

Many studies have shown the benefits of psychotherapy, and I have witnessed firsthand many people overcome their challenges to feel greater purpose, vitality and joyfulness. I draw on proven methods to help you develop the insight, coping skills, and resilience needed to thrive.

Finding a good fit with your therapist is important.

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The cornerstone of my work is the belief that all people have the ability to grow and find greater meaning and fulfillment in their lives, but this transformation takes help. We are deeply social by nature and thrive best when we feel seen, understood, cared for and guided, the types of experiences that therapy can provide. It’s precisely because we need the help of others that reaching out to a therapist can feel so vulnerable…

DC Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

Develop the insight and tools for long-lasting change.

Couples Therapy

Foster trust and intimacy.

Group Therapy

Build the confidence to connect with others.


Process and heal traumatic experiences.

Specializing in the following types of therapy in DC or virtually:


Do you find yourself constantly on edge, worrying about different ways that you might be judged or fail to perform? Treatment can help you develop insight about the causes of your anxiety and develop tools to soothe it.


If you are struggling to find the motivation and energy to get through the day, therapy can help you resolve underlying sources of depression and take active steps to get your life on track.


Traumatic experiences can make life feel threatening and cause us to feel isolated and distrustful of others. Therapy can help people understand and work through their trauma so that they can safely reconnect with the world around them.


It is painful to go through life struggling to feel worthwhile and anticipating rejection from others. Treatment can help people challenge negative beliefs about themselves and learn how to open up to others in ways that build self-confidence.

Body Image and Eating Disorders

Are you finding that a large amount of time and attention is going into evaluating your body and trying to manage your eating? Is this exhausting and demoralizing you? Therapy can help you foster a more positive mindset and feel back in control of your life.

Relationship Counseling

If you are feeling hurt in your romantic relationship and struggling to communicate effectively with your partner, counseling can help you cultivate the insight and communication skills you need to connect more deeply with them.

Anger Management

Anger can get out of control, damaging relationships and more. Therapy can help you understand the sources of your anger so that you can better manage them, and also help to resolve issues that lead to intense bouts of anger.


Grieving is an intense experience that can be both overwhelming and disorienting. Getting support while grieving can be critical to being able to both honor the person we have lost while also being able to move forward in our lives.

Perfectionism and Procrastination

When you feel like you have to be perfect in order to avoid being inadequate, procrastination sets in and it becomes difficult to stay on top of responsibilities. Treatment can assist you in breaking out of a perfectionist mindset so that you can spend less time worrying and more time accomplishing your goals.

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