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Couples Therapy

Forming and maintaining a loving, thriving romantic relationship is hard! It is also one of the most meaningful things we can do. Anyone who has spent time in a committed relationship can likely recognize the pitfalls. We fear that our partners will let us down or leave us. We struggle to express our frustrations and genuine desires. Resentment and distance build and we feel stuck. Add in the buzz of modern life--full of responsibilities, distractions, temptations, and uncertainty--and it is easy to understand why so many people struggle to attain they intimacy they long for with their partners. This is particularly true of the fast-paced DC lifestyle.

Couples therapy can help partners navigate these many obstacles and feel a deeper connection with one another. Partners learn the communication patterns that leave them feeling hurt and disconnected, as well as healthier ways to express themselves. Partners can also learn to get in touch with deeper emotions that may be at the heart of their struggles with communication.

Alex Afram, Ph.D. couples counseling dc couples counselor dc

This process can be intense! It takes courage for both partners to explore hurts and disagreements to find places of healing. I work to make sure both partners feel understood as they open up to one another, and to create a space that feels safe. As partners are able to do the hard work of couples therapy, they see a shift towards greater closeness, affection and common purpose.