Alex Afram Ph.D. provides individual therapy in DC

Individual Therapy

Therapy has numerous benefits. It can help us:

  • Learn about how past experiences impact the way we feel
  • Understand how we have learned to protect ourselves in relationships, and when this learning is helpful or hurtful in our current lives
  • Access feelings that have been cut off by trauma, and experience emotional catharsis
  • Figure out what our emotional needs are and what steps we need to take to get them met
  • Feel understood and valued in a way that reduces feelings of shame
  • Practice being vulnerable in a way that makes it easier to connect with and feel cared for by others
  • Develop tools to manage anxiety and other symptoms
Alex Afram, Ph.D. therapist washington dc

These different benefits ultimately help people have greater self-confidence and a sense of empowerment to tackle their challenges. If you are curious to know more about the therapeutic process I encourage you to explore these articles I have written that explain more about some of the core ways in which it heals:

No two people enter therapy with the same needs, and I am practical and flexible in my approach. Additional information about how I approach intervention for some of the most common issues that I treat can be found under the ‘Specialties’ tab.