Shyness, Social Inhibition and Loneliness

Everyone worries what other people think about them from time to time, but for people struggling with social anxiety, this can be a draining 24/7 process that constricts their lives and leaves them feeling lonely and alienated. For many, this social anxiety is intense enough that it feels more plausible to forego social interaction almost altogether rather than being subjected to possible rejection and feelings of inadequacy.

Overcoming social anxiety requires finding a way to take manageable steps towards entering uncomfortable social situations so that with time we can learn that it is in fact possible to cope and even thrive in these situations. Not surprisingly, many people who struggle with social anxiety find the idea of speaking with a therapist anxiety-provoking, but this can be a great first step towards getting outside of one’s comfort zone and starting to take steps towards growth. Opening up gradually in therapy gives people a chance to practice taking risks of self-disclosure in a supportive setting. Over time, this practice translates towards feeling more comfortable outside of therapy, and as people feel up to the challenge I will help them set goals for taking risks in social settings outside of therapy. This process of developing confidence in social situations takes time and effort, but the results can be life-altering.