Sexual Difficulties

Sexual difficulties come in a variety of forms--struggles to maintain arousal, premature or delayed orgasm, and generally low libido being some of the most common. Pain and discomfort during sex are also frequently encountered issues. While it is always a good idea to speak with a medical doctor about such difficulties, often times the causes may be emotional in nature as well as physiological. Sex carries significant emotional meaning for each member of a couple, and the meaning a person places on sex can have a significant impact on their ability to have sex as well as their enjoyment of it. For couples, underlying emotional troubles are often manifested in sexual dissatisfaction and struggles. For individuals that see the same problems arise with different partners, the issue is often internal beliefs and expectations about sex that lead to self-perpetuating cycles of anxiety and shame during it.

Because sex can be such an emotionally-charged topic, it is common for people to avoid talking about it. I work to create a safe and nonjudgmental space where people can feel comfortable opening up about their difficulties and exploring the underlying feelings and meanings that they experience during sex. With this self-knowledge, people are often able to develop more realistic and positive beliefs about sex that increase their enjoyment of it. Couples are often able to notice how broader emotional challenges come up through their sex lives and can start to take steps to address those challenges.