Self-Esteem & Self-Acceptance

We live in a competitive culture. From a young age we are graded and compared with our peers, as well as possibly our siblings. We are taught that what makes us valuable is our achievements, our looks and our intelligence. We are bombarded with commercials that point out how we are deficient in some way and need products to remedy those deficiencies. We are taught that we can do anything we want, with the implication being that if we do not reach our goals then there must be something wrong with us.

Given this cultural context it is little wonder that so many people find themselves struggling to feel worthwhile and desirable. I help people examine the assumptions that have been ingrained in them by our culture and their life histories so they can start to chart a path that is based on staying true to their core values, rather than letting others dictate to them what does and does not give them worth. Many people find this process liberating--once they break out of old habits of trying to live up to everyone else’s standards and having to perfect themselves, they find that they have space to adopt an attitude of self-acceptance, where they can embrace the totality of their personhood, rather than fixating on perceived shortcomings.