Life Transition / Change

The nature of life is change. We are constantly growing into new roles and learning how to cope as our identities shift to reflect the primacy of these roles and the diminishment of old ones. Transitioning into the working world, getting married or divorced, having children, and changing career paths are just some of the transitions that many of us will go through over the course of our lives. While parts of these changes may be joyous, it is also natural to feel anxiety over the uncertainty they bring and sadness over the losses of our former identities that they can signal. At times, these feelings can make it hard to fully embark on or embrace change, and we may end up feeling stuck in limbo between the life we are currently living and the life we see for ourselves. Therapy can help us navigate the complexities of these transitions so that we can start to feel a sense of wholeness as we adapt to the new demands of our life’s journey.