Chronic Pain and Injury

Over the course of our lives many of us will have to deal with enduring pain and injuries that take up significant time and energy and detract from our ability to lead our day-to-day lives. These ailments often carry an emotional toll that in its own way can be as painful as the physical toll. They take us away from the things that give us meaning and enjoyment in our lives, which can diminish motivation and fuel negative beliefs about what the future will hold. Unsurprisingly, many people dealing with these ailments develop co-occurring symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Just as people often need a regimen of physical therapy and pain management techniques to work through their physical difficulties, talk therapy can be valuable in helping them manage their beliefs and daily behaviors so that the emotional consequences of these ailments do not further derail them from their lives. I provide people with the emotional support they need to adjust to their physical circumstances, helping them remain motivated and engaged in working towards recovery and keeping on track with their life goals.