Alex Afram, Ph.D. body image issues improve body image

Body Image Issues and Eating Concerns

Body image issues and eating difficulties are common in our culture. Because we live in a society filled with messaging about appearances, it is easy for people to become fixated on how they look. It feels true somehow that if we perfect our appearance, we will garner the acceptance from others that we all want. Unfortunately what people often find is that this focus on looks and eating becomes obsessive. It becomes hard to enjoy eating or social situations without constant self-judgment and worry. As a result, we often feel drained, deflated, and unable to stay in touch with the present moment. 

I help people suffering from body image issues and eating difficulties mindfully reflect on their beliefs about food and appearance. Consequently, people can start to see where their focus on self-perfection is coming from and how it is hurting them. They can then work to develop healthier, more nurturing ways of thinking of themselves and corresponding eating habits. This reduced focus on perfection helps people improve their body image and fele more in control,  leading to fewer eating problems.

Alex Afram, Ph.D. eating difficulties eating problems