Alex Afram, Ph.D. alcohol abuse treatment near me washington dc

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment

A significant portion of the American population will wrestle with alcohol and substance abuse at some point in their life. In the short term, alcohol and substances may provide an escape from life’s ills, such as depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Unfortunately, their use does little to alleviate those underlying problems, while also creating new issues like conflict with loved ones and difficulty meeting responsibilities.

Alcohol and substance abuse treatment focuses on helping to identify and work through underlying feelings that are contributing to the abuse. Sometimes these feelings may be the product of trauma, other times they may be the result of circumstances that feel overwhelming. As we gain an understanding of those feelings, we will work to develop healthier ways to cope when they are triggered. Alcohol and substance abuse can cause people to feel out of control, but with time and commitment it is possible to re-seize your life.

Alex Afram, Ph.D. substance abuse treatment near me washington dc